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Environmental Impact

At our Company, helping our community is really important to us. We have found ways to make a big difference in Education, Environment, Social Welfare, and Health. We are dedicated to being environmentally friendly and protecting our natural resources.

We play a pivotal role in restoring forests and have been actively taking action to combat on climate change and its impact in line with SDG 15 and 13. For more than 5 years, the Company has supported the East African Wildlife Society’s ‘The Forest Challenge’ at Kereita forest, which is an annual fundraiser towards forest restoration.

EARe staff planting trees | East Africa Reinsurance Company CSR | EARe
Young African man works on environment project holding a solar panel - EARe sustainability in Insurance
  • We have Implemented eco-friendly steps, such as preserving indigenous trees, using electronic data management to reduce paper and carbon emissions, installing LED bulbs, and employing server virtualization for energy efficiency.
  • Invested in a solar-powered system at our investment property, Acorn House, to conserve energy and reduce hydro and fuel power dependence. Further, we conduct an energy audit of the property every three years to identify new energy-saving opportunities.
  • As part of our investment strategy,we have invested in environmentally conscious projects such as the Acorn green bond issued to develop environmentally-friendly student accommodation in Nairobi and its environs, affirming our commitment to sustainable financing.

Social Impact

We recognize that education is a fundamental human right crucial for sustainable development. To reaffirm our commitment to this belief, we run an education sponsorship program, providing poor and needy students with equal access to secondary education, covering tuition, accommodation, uniforms, personal expenses, and a stipend.
We additionally hold an annual mentorship session to equip students with valuable insights. We are currently sponsoring 30 students directly and through partnerships, we are pleased to observe that over the past six years, more than 65% of our students have transitioned to universities.

We support other community initiatives including

Enhancing healthcare conditions by sponsoring cancer patients’ treatment through Faraja Cancer Centre.

Supporting and visiting children’s and senior citizens’ homes

Contributing to the well-being of (SCANN) street children through our support of their feeding program.