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Our Products

Our technical reinsurance solutions are spread across property, casualty, group and individual life lines of business. We tailor-make our solutions to your needs through our highly experienced team of insurance professionals. Currently, we have partnerships with clients in over 30 countries worldwide.

At East Africa Re we provide both Treaty and Facultative solutions on all classes of business including:



Group Life



Individual Life

Motor and Liability

Miscellaneous Accidents

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Our retrocession programme is well designed and placed with well rated international retrocessionaires to guarantee adequate protection for our business.

Our Value Proposition

Capacity Building Support

We trust in the strength of shared knowledge. This is disseminated though our hybrid programs that are aimed at enhancing our clients technical capabilities in both the insurance and reinsurance space.

Products Development

We appreciate that time do change and so are the needs of the insurance consumers. To that effect, we partner with our clients in an effort to develop products that meets the specific needs of the consumers by offering technical support in the development of the products as well as backing the product with optimal reinsurance programme that best suits the new offerings by our clients.

Excellent Customer Service

We aim at making every experience shared with us a lasting impression through our exceptional customer service. We are here to listen to you and make our partnership a real experience by ensuring that we deliver beyond your expectations.

Claims Paying Ability

We pride ourselves on a strong balance sheet that allow us to promptly settle genuine claims to our clients whenever the unexpected occurs. We are well backed by our retrocession programme and are ready to service the claims as and when they come.

You can count on us every step of you way!