Press Release COVID-19

Press Release COVID-19

800 450 East Africa Reinsurance Company

East Africa’s pioneering financial services group, First Chartered Securities Limited today led its insurance businesses in donating Kshs. 25 Million to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund. The insurance and related financial services companies under the ICEA LION Group and re-insurer East Africa Re are subsidiaries of First Chartered Securities Limited (FCS), a private investment holding company with interests in financial services, logistics, real estate, manufacturing and agriculture.
The Chairman of FCS, James Ndegwa stated “The Boards of Directors, Management and Staff of these organizations are greatly honoured to be part of this noble effort to ameliorate the impact of COVID-19 on the communities we serve, by contributing to the national COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund with this donation of Kshs. 25 Million. It is our wish that these funds are channeled towards humanitarian efforts and food relief.”
The Chairman further indicated “It is vital that corporate entities such as ours, as responsible citizens, as stewards of the economy, and in the spirit of patriotism, contribute meaningfully to this critical national endeavour. We recognize that the pandemic and the robust measures taken to slow down the rate of infection has a massive detrimental effect on our economy and the lives of Kenyans, and it is in this regard that our Group proposes its contribution be allocated to funding food purchases and necessary sustenance for the most vulnerable amongst our fellow citizenry.

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