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In the modern world, the popularity of online pharmacies offering Aurogra 100 mg pills is growing every day. These are the top 4 market leaders among online pharmacies, which compiled based on the analysis of website traffic and rating among buyers.

Pharmaplus Pharmacies Village Market [Rating: 4.1]
Limuru road, Kenya | +254 799 993596 | https://pharmapluspharmacies.co.ke/

I Love this location! The employees are friendly and very professional. I can always count on the staff to help me as quickly as they can. And they are genuinely happy to assist with my needs. Thank you!

Me and my wife have had numerous issues with this pharmacy. I really don’t understand how the people working are still able to work there. They are extremely rude to customers. We had a prescription filled two days ago and went in to pick it up only to find it had not been filled, and it took them 20 minutes to find it. We ended up leaving and calling them back requesting to change pharmacies, and while still on the phone, the head pharmacist meant to put us on hold but forgot to and said it’s the rude people that made us fill their prescription and then didn’t pay. I’m really disappointed that I can’t leave a negative number of stars for this review. Please do yourself a favor and don’t go to Pharmaplus Pharmacies Village Market, and I really hope that management reads these reviews and gets people working that can actually do the job they were hired to do.

Nyagano Pharmacy, One Stop Arcade [Rating: 5.0]
Karen Road, Kenya | +254 782 355791 | https://nyagano-pharmacy2.business.site/

I am impressed with the level of service. My friend needed surgery on his Achilles. While the procedure was being performed, I received a call that the prescription medications were ready. The staff was very accommodating and very helpful. I highly recommend it.

I’m from out of state and needed a scrip refilled. I had my doctor call Dupre. From the time they got the call until I picked it up was less than an hour. Nyagano Pharmacy, One Stop Arcade and all its staff were so friendly and helpful and got me a good price on my expensive scrip. Much less hassle than using the big chain stores. Thanks again, folks.

Malibu Pharmacy [Rating: 4.2]
Ground Floor, Agriculture House, Moi Ave, Nairobi, Kenya | +254 20 2045949 | http://www.malibupharmacy.co.ke/

Great neighborhood pharmacy! I can always count on the pharmacist for personalized service and advice (something that seems to be missing with large chain stores these days). A++ Highly recommended!

The cashier is extremely rude. I’m not covered at the time. So I use a discount card for my antibiotics I NEED. Because I’m also btwn jobs. I missed a day/night on these meds because she was frustrated that she had no idea how to input it. I’m talking about sighing & moaning, yea I guess responses. EXTREMELY RUDE. Sorry, you have a line. Sorry, it’s taking 20 min for you to handle this transaction. (Never once did u ask me two steps aside while it processes or nothing). Sorry I need my little $3 dollars. Not sorry. You have obviously no customer service. Maybe you should be in the back. Because however, the other people that work in Malibu Pharmacy are EXTREMELY GREAT!! After today ill find somewhere else to go. It’s kinda hard when it’s the closest one around. And you obviously have absolutely no compassion or customer service.

KAM PHARMACY (westlands) LTD [Rating: 4.1]
Mpaka House, Mpaka Rd, Nairobi, Kenya | +254 713 717777 | http://www.kampharmacy.com/

I have been trying to find a place to get tested for covid-19 for the last two hours. I come here, and the guy that picked up the phone said that he is too busy and alone. The pharmacy looks empty, and nobody else parked waiting to be tested. What a service??? Today is Sunday, March 28, 2021, at 11:40 am.

Best pharmacy ever! KAM PHARMACY (westlands) LTD is so convenient bc I come twice a day to school for the kids. They are fast and inexpensive, and they send a text when it is ready in case you want to sit in your car or finish your errands. DRIVE THRU is a huge plus. When I think of waiting in the drive-thru of Walgreens with sick kids, sometimes over an hour, I am so grateful. We used to do Target but going to that place can still take a long and shopping while waiting is dangerous and expensive.